What Happens If You Press The Webbing Between Your Thumb And Index Finger?

We all heard about Traditional Chinese Medicine where acupuncture and acupressure has been used to cure headaches and other ailments for thousands of years.

Unlike acupuncture, acupressure focuses on applying pressure to specific points on the body. The difference between these two techniques is that reflexology doesn’t require the insertion of small needles into the body. It’s enough to use your hands.

But is it true that pressing in certain areas of your body will release tension and relieve headaches?
Acupressure is used for a variety of medical illness, yet the claims surrounding the benefits of this practice are uncertain. But, most people claim that pressing slightly on certain areas, especially on the webbing between the thumb and index finger will release tension felt at head level. So, my question is: why using drugs for headaches when you can use your fingers?

Press The Webbing Between Your Thumb and Index Finger

To find this point, squeeze the webbing lightly with your opposite thumb and index finger. Move your thumb and finger towards the bone at the end of the webbing, away from the center of the webbing. Squeeze this spot on each hand for 1 minute.

Let’s assume that pressing the webbing between your thumb and index finger isn’t enough and you still can feel tension in your head. Don’t worry! The acupressure technique has many other pressure points when it comes to headache relief.

1. Back Of Neck

Your neck also contains a lot of different pressure points. There are two points located directly on the back of your neck called the Shoulder Well that can relieve pressure along your neck and shoulders, which is a common cause of headaches. The points are found in the middle of the back of your neck along an area called the neck bridge.

2. The Third Eye Point

The third eye is located directly between your eyebrows, where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead. Apply pressure to this area to improve concentration and relieve migraines and headaches.

3. Your Temples

I should’ve start with the temples area when it comes to headaches, because here is the prime spot to apply pressure in order to relieve headaches. Place your thumbs on your temples and gently apply pressure. Massage both temples at the same time, using counterclockwise motions. Continue massaging for at least one minute.

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