Vicks VapoRub Tropical Power To Soothe Aching Muscles Instantly

Recently, I started going to the gym after a long break. I would still say “ouch” if it wasn’t for Vicks VapoRub!
After the first gym session I was advised to take an aspirin tablet to avoid muscle soreness, but my body was still aching the next day.

So, I continued going to the gym and perform some stretches, before and after the practice, to relieve my aching muscles. But, along with these stretches, my personal trainer told me a secret: to massage the sore muscles with Vicks VapoRub before going to bed because I will feel better the next morning.
Well, worth trying!

How to use Vicks VapoRub for muscle soreness?

    • First, refrigerate Vicks VapoRub before applying to your skin
    • After showering, apply a considerable amount to the affected area
    • Start by massaging gently the aching muscles until the gel gets into the skin
    • Repeat the same procedure with the other leg
    • Now, apply a thick layer over the painful area and put a warm towel over it
    • Put your aching legs on a pillow and let it work for 30 minutes
    • Remove the towel, but don’t wash Vicks VapoRub surplus and let the ointment act overnight

I swear by next day you won’t feel any pain at all! This product seems to work wonders for many other painful situations, not only for colds and coughs.

Why does Vicks VapoRub work for muscle soreness?
Well, it contains a mix of natural ingredients – eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, nutmeg oil, and thymol which gives instant relief by increasing blood circulation. The same effect has an aspirin tablet over sore muscles.

Occurred side-effects
Given the fact that the medication is tropical (applied to the skin) is most likely to develop side effects such as skin irritation, rash, redness or hives. In case you notice these side effects on your skin, you should interrupt the medication immediately.
Of course, those with sensitive skin are more prone to side effects!

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