Tricks And Remedies To Get Rid Of Hiccups Quickly

Hiccup is the result of diaphragm contraction and the vibration of vocal cords. Hiccups may last from a few minutes to a few hours, making it disturbing to the person in question.

Here’s what to do to get rid of hiccups:

1. Try to keep your breath as much as you can or to breathe deeply and often.
2. Drink a glass of cold water.
3. Take small sips of melissa water.
4. Although it may seem odd, hiccups can be stopped if you keep your tongue out for a long period.
5. Put ice, hot water or mustard compresses in the abdomen area.
6. Swallow small pieces of ice.
7. Press the phrenic bone (around your chest) with your finger.

You can also take tablets based on bromine, valerian or ether.

Besides these methods, you can also try the following recipe.

– 60 gr of mint water
– 60 g of lime water
– 30 grams of diacol syrup

Method of preparation and administration:
Mix all the ingredients and take 1 tablespoon of this preparation once a day.

If hiccup doesn’t stop with any of these methods, we recommend that you ask for a doctor’s opinion.

Image Credits: Readersdigest

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