Top 6 Breakfast Mistakes You Should Avoid

According to nutritionists, people feel hungry later in the morning not because they ate breakfast, but because they consumed it wrong.

Here are the most common mistakes when it comes to breakfast:

1. Insufficient protein

Many people consume a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast. It seems the right choice, right? Of course, a cup of milk provides 8 grams of protein, but take into account the fact that they stop drinking the remaining milk after they consumed the cereals.
Protein is digested more slowly than carbohydrates, so if you do not have much protein, soon you will be hungry again. If you do not want to drink the milk that remains in the bowl, add 1 boiled egg to your breakfast for an extra protein.
You can also get protein from whole grain bread or peanut butter.

2. Too little fiber

As breakfast contains more sugar, the more quickly will be digested and you will be hungry soon.
The golden rule: breakfast should always contain 5 grams of fiber and always should be more fiber than sugar. For extra fiber, add flaxseed or chia seeds to your breakfast.

3. Low-fat breakfast

A low-fat meal will make you feel hungry in less than an hour. Look at the healthy breakfast based on the Greek yogurt with 0% fat, high-fiber cereal and raisins. Where is the fat? Either you turn to 2% fat yogurt, either you add nuts in order to avoid hunger. But even if you have to add some fat, remember that more doesn’t mean better.

4. Not enough food

While fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals are not enough for breakfast. It is not enough to consume an apple in your way to work: it is simply not enough.
If you consume 300-400 calories per breakfast, you’ll feel more satisfied. These extra calories will be irrelevant and will help you eat less until lunch.

5. Having breakfast too late

Usually you should have breakfast within one hour after you woke up. Remember, the purpose of breakfast is supplying your body with energy a longer period after eating it. Once you have breakfast close to lunch, it wouldn’t do the job effectively.


If you want a nourishing breakfast, try to avoid the mistakes above, or at least some of them.
But remember: any breakfast is better than no breakfast.

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