Top 10 Natural Methods That Will Help You Get Rid Of A Cold Quickly

You do not need to put on pills at every sign of cold, it can also be cured by natural methods. The most common symptoms of a cold are muscle aches, fever, headache, clogged nose, sore throat and cough, symptoms usually disappear within 5-7 days. If the cold continues, it means you have a very weak immune system and you have to change your eating habits. Thus, keep reading this article. You will definitely see a better alternative to how to get rid of a cold naturally.

What are the most important steps you need to take when you have a cold?

1. Get away

Physical effort, fatigue, and cold walk can increase your cold, so it is best to stay home and rest. Sprinkle well the room where you sleep, take care not to stress and sleep 8 hours a night. Doctors believe that in a stronger cold it is necessary to sit in bed to allow the body to use all its energy to fight viruses and bacteria.

2. Drink ginger tea with honey and lemon

This tea is a real anti-cold treatment. Ginger has sweat properties and helps reduce fever, honey has an antibacterial effect, and lemon is rich in vitamin C. This tea acts as a real anti-inflammatory and helps relieve a sore throat and asthma attacks.

3. Consume many citrus fruits

It is no longer a novelty for anyone that vitamin C is a perfect treatment for the cold. Oranges, lemons, green lemons, and kiwi are the most important fruits that give vitamin C, so vital to maintaining a healthy immune system.

4. Wear socks soaked in apple vinegar

Yes, it’s a cure that could make you feel uncomfortable with your life partner, but it’s very effective because it helps you quickly remove toxins from your body and lower your fever.

5. Eat a lot of garlic

Garlic is considered a real natural antibiotic. It contains all kinds of compounds with antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to strengthen the immune system and in the treatment of a cold.

6. Drink as many liquids as you can

This will help prevent dehydration and thickening of the nasal mucosa. The most effective tea for mucosal fluidization is salvia, fennel, and anise. Also, chamomile tea, soc, lime, sage, ginger, horse tail have an anti-inflammatory effect and are effective in fighting a cold. Avoid drinking unnatural and acidified juices, opting for juices with carrots, apples, lemons, and oranges.

7. Use a humidifier in your sleeping room

This will help you avoid the risk of drying your nasal horses and sinuses. It is important to clean this humidifier every week to prevent the bacteria and fungi from growing.

8. Clean your nostrils with sea water

The cleaner the nostrils are and the nasal secretions are eliminated, the more sinuses will be more free and easier to breathe. Sea water is very effective when it comes to cleaning your nose and does not create addiction.

9. Make baths with sea salt

Sea salt baths are very effective in combating cold. Equally effective is if you put your feet in a hot water bowl with a few teaspoons of sea salt.

10. Eat lots of soups

Doctors recommend a diet as easy as possible during colds and flu. The most effective for treating colds are spicy sauces or consumed with hot peppers. Hot pepper acts as a true nasal decongestant.

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