The Most Effective Treatment to Make a Bruise Fade & Heal Faster

A bruise or contusion is a common form of skin injury that occurs when tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin break and start leaking. Blood from the damaged capillaries collects near the surface of the skin to form a bruise, which appears as a discoloration of the skin.

There are many home remedies to decrease inflammation, reduce pain and help you to get rid of bruises faster. You might have many of these remedies such as tea bags and aloe vera right at your fingertips. The following is a list of natural treatments for bruises that are backed by scientific evidence.

Apply a cool compress

Applying a cool compress on the affected areas helps to decrease the enlargement of the bruise as well as alleviating the pain. This treatment helps to decrease the spread of the bruise. Immediately you realize a formation of this condition, fill a plastic bag with ice chips or you can also find a frozen vegetable bag of peas and corn and place over the affected part.

Alternatively, you can also wrap an ice cube into a clean towel and place over the bruised area. Leave the ice on the area for 15 minutes and repeat the procedure after every hour until the discomfort eases. Do not over-chill the skin as it may cause frostbite.

Put some parsley onto the skin

If you search and or ask your fold about how to get rid of a bruise or something specific like how to get rid of a bruise on your face then you will get a lot of answers that may include the use of some herbal medicine. Parsley is known to be a very good source of antioxidants and other components for skin enhancement. It is very a very convenient use for reduce the pain and get rid of the damage once and for all.

You only have to get a few pieces of the herb then crush it and spread all over the skin in which the bruising is very apparent.


This may sound crazy to you. But, yes onions can indeed help treat a bad bruise. Onions are loaded with inflammatory properties. They work wonders on damaged skin cells. If the cause of your bruises is an injury to the blood vessels, then extract some onion juice and apply on the affected area. Allow it to stay on until the juice is completely absorbed by the skin. This way, it will penetrate deep within the blocked blood vessels and treat the blood clot more effectively.

Massage the bruised place

After 24 hours of obtaining the bruise, begin rubbing on the place though lightly. Lightly massage your bruise as well as the nearby region many times a day however just -36 hours from having the bruise. Massaging helps your bodys normal lymphatic procedure to clear the pooled blood away.

– Leave it if it’s too distressing and don’t rub. You should offer some more times to the bruise. Begin rubbing after 48-72 hours then.
– Rub lightly and don’t put pressure on the location.

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