The Cinnamon Therapy Will Help You Quit Smoking And Never Return To This Bad Habit

Any smoker knows how hard it is to quit because, despite the give-up smoke intention, this bad habit causes a strong addiction, very hard to fight with.

Smoking can cause serious health problems, being the leading cause of lung, throat, and esophagus cancer. It can also affect the bladder, kidney, pancreas and cardiovascular system. All these problems are a consequence of the impact that the composition of cigarettes has over your health.

As an ex-smoker, I can assure you that quitting smoking was real fight, and nothing was a real help for me. It’s true that I gave up smoking just like that…I want to call it “magic”, but the following remedy was a real help.

I read on the internet that the cinnamon therapy will help you, and I said “Yeah, right! Another lie in the Universe!” But it’s worth trying! When you want to quit, you try everything, and along with “no more smoking” and the cinnamon therapy, I quit smoking for over a year now!   

How to proceed?

Well, when you want to light on a cigarette, I recommend sucking a cinnamon stick. This way you can imitate the gesture of holding a cigarette in your mouth and enjoy the benefits of this spice that detoxifies the body and causes tobacco disgust.

Before going to sleep, drink a glass of warm milk with half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Of course, you’ll hate cinnamon afterwards, but it will help you get rid of this smelly habit.  

Image Credits: Spryliving

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