The Best Possible Way to Reduce a Fever Super Fast

Fever is important in keeping your body less friendly to invaders. If your fever is not unusually high, do not panic and just let the fever run its course.

Although fever can help combat infection, excessively high temperature can cause serious consequences such as febrile seizures, which is why it should be lowered using this practical and safe home remedy.

Chamomile infusion enema

Enema is quite often used for the purpose of decreasing body temperature. The temperature of the water should be from 15 to 20 C. The water which is less than 15 C can cause shock and get stuck without any antipyretic action.

Volume of the enema

– Newborn should not get more than 30 ml.
– Kids from 6 month to 1 year should get around 50 ml.
– Children from 1 to 3 years can get an enema of 100 ml.
– Child from 3 to 6 years can have up to 200 ml.
– Older than 6 years kids can get up to 300 ml.
– At the age from 10 to 14 years kids can get enema of 500 ml.
– Children older than 14 years get standard dosage of 1.5 liters.

Chamomile should be brewed as follows: three to four tablespoons of chamomile flowers should be placed in an enamel bowl, poured with one cup of hot boiled water, covered with a lid and heated on steam for fifteen minutes. Liquid should be cooled for 45 minutes and filtered. The remaining chamomile infusion should be mixed with the boiled water in order to get 200 ml of chamomile infusion. This enema has anti-inflammatory action.

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