The Best Natural Remedy For Teenagers: How To Get Rid Of Acne With Horseradish Vinegar

Acne is a chronic skin condition with a large number of factors involved in its appearance.
The appearance on the skin of these pus-filled pimples occurs especially on the face, but also on the back, chest and shoulders, depending on how affected your body is.

The vulgar acne occurs mainly in teenagers, starting with puberty, by forming those small black spots, called blackheads that close dilated pores.

An important role in preventing acne appearance is keeping your skin permanently clean. But if you didn’t do that, we recommend the following acne remedy to get rid of it for good.

Acne remedy with horseradish vinegar

Apply the horseradish vinegar in the form of compress, for 10 minutes, daily. Horseradish vinegar is made from chopped horseradish roots that are put in a bottle. Pour white vinegar or ACV over them to cover the chopped horseradish. Let it to macerate at room temperature for 1 week before use.

Don’t strain. It is recommended that both the preparation and preservation of this vinegar to be made in glass or plastic containers, otherwise it will oxidize. In the case of sensitive skin, the vinegar is diluted with water, by mixing one part vinegar with one part of water.

How to use?
Soak a compress every evening in the vinegar and apply it on the affected areas for 5-10 minutes then wash with cold water. In a week you should see big improvements.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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