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At-Home Healing Remedies For Sore And Swollen Feet

Day-by-day your feet are doing a lot of work, whether are walking, standing or exercising, feet are dealing with many tasks, and feet sore is a normal thing. Anyhow, you must relieve tired and painful feet because it may interfere with your daily activities. As a nurse, I’m pretty familiar with this problem, because I’m running daily from one patient …

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Sage Foot Bath To Get Rid Of Swollen Feet And Ankles

Swollen legs and ankles are a common problem, especially among women and the elderly ones. Water retention in this region of the body is called edema and can be treated naturally. Besides being unaesthetic or simply very upsetting, edema is also a health problem that has to be treated. You can opt for a variety of natural treatments that help …

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Effective and Natural Way to Treat Swollen Feet

Because of fluid retention, your legs can swell. This problem may occur because of premenstrual syndrome. Also, pregnancy is another reason for swollen feet. Salt consumption, sedentary and certain medications may also be responsible for swollen feet. In this case, parsley tea may be your best ally. It is easy to prepare and the results are amazing. This tea should …

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