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Natural Remedies To Treat A Severe Sore Throat (Laryngitis) At Home

Winter has arrived and so laryngitis and other winter diseases. Cold air favors throat infections, especially in the case of children. But adults can also experience sore throat and other unpleasant symptoms of a sick respiratory system. Throat infections can heal without medicines during a few days, but to relieve sore throat and the discomfort caused by it, you can …

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How To Get Rid Of Strep Throat Without Antibiotics

Streptococcus is often found among children and the symptoms are sore throat and tonsil inflammation. Most of the time it’s treated with antibiotics, but we suggest you to choose the natural way! Honey Honey has antibacterial and inflammatory properties that can effectively treat inflammation, infections and pain. Vitamin C – Lemon Lemons are rich in Vitamin C having antibacterial effects. …

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Useful Remedies To Learn How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones

Medicinal plants are priceless aids when it comes to treating or ameliorating tonsil stones. The infusions, compresses, the tinctures, and cataplasms all work with amazing effects against this disease. Tonsil stones have a beneficial role in the body, preventing the penetration of bacteria into the pharynx. However, when inflamed, they give rise to a painful infection, called tonsillitis. Symptoms (fever, …

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