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How To Speed-Up Healing For Tendonitis

Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons, a fibrous structure that binds bone muscles. Although it’s usually treated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs or ointments, there are also natural remedies that you can use to relieve the symptoms of this affection. Usually, tendonitis is accompanied by sensitivity in the surrounding joints, along with stiffness and pain that intensifies during the night. …

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Natural Treatments And Rehab Exercises For Achilles Tendon Pain

Your feet take you from place to place, allowing you to explore this big and beautiful world. But did you know that your feet and ankles are a complex system which allows you to walk, run, jump, and do some may other stuff? And the most important ally in doing all these exquisite activities is the Achilles tendon. This tendon …

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