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At-Home Healing Remedies For Sore And Swollen Feet

Day-by-day your feet are doing a lot of work, whether are walking, standing or exercising, feet are dealing with many tasks, and feet sore is a normal thing. Anyhow, you must relieve tired and painful feet because it may interfere with your daily activities. As a nurse, I’m pretty familiar with this problem, because I’m running daily from one patient …

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Natural Diuretic To Get Rid Of Swollen Feet

Swollen feet may have several causes: heat, vascular disease, kidney failure, pregnancy, heart failure, hormonal disturbances, and so on. This problem must not be ignored. On the contrary, it is recommended to go to your doctor immediately to discover the factors that led to feet swelling. Ancient medicine has a lot of solutions for the treatment of swollen feet, and …

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