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Easy Natural Steps To Get Rid Of Constipation Without Medicines

Do you have a poor digestion and struggle often with constipation? Think that nothing can’t help you? Well, you should try the next remedies for constipation, because they are very effective, and it will get you rid of this “clogged” intestinal transit problem. Fibers Fibers help you to eliminate faster all food residues from digestive tract. To have a regular …

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Homemade Laxative To Get Rid Of Constipation

Constipation is a functional disorder, caused either by the decrease of intestinal muscle elasticity or by the contraction of this musculature. The affected person suffers from an insufficient and delayed discharge (more than 2 days) of the intestinal content. To get rid of constipation and to relieve its symptoms you can use the following natural remedy. It will help you …

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How To Prepare Eggplant Tea To Get Rid Of Constipation

Do you want a detoxification by the book? Well, you should call your best friend: the eggplant! This veggie will get you rid from all toxins in your body, improving your digestion and also will lower cholesterol. Whether you eat eggplants in salad or grilled, the effects are the same. But for instant results, you can prepare eggplant tea, as …

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