Silhouette: benefits and disadvantages

Every woman has a different figure, but there is a “pattern” with 5-course body. Depending on which you fit best, find out what advantages you have with your body shape, and what dangers you’re prone to.

Some researchers in Sweden made a study f which showed that depending on the shape of your silhouette you are likely to develop certain diseases, but besides that, you can have the advantage to control your weight. Swedish researchers told us that we can realize of our body shape, depending on the area where fat accumulates most.

The inverted triangle shape represents the silhouette with quite broad shoulders where the waist is thin. This silhouette is perfect to have a successful career in swimming. Doctors say that those women who have this shape of the body benefits from a good metabolism and they don’t gain weight easily. But following a diet full of fat may develop heart disease from too much exercise. They have a perfect body for swimming, tennis and spinning.

Apple shape is accentuated later, at 20 years, when fat accumulates in the waist. This can cause problems such as diabetes, heart disease or problems with blood circulation. They are prone to water retention and digestive system problems. They recommend a diet lower in carbohydrates and protein and they need fibers. To get rid of fat you can practice aerobics, swimming or exercise.

Pear shape. This is most common in women and in this case, the hips is where the fat gathers. Doctors say it is better to have a pear-shaped body than an apple shape one. The risk of developing diabetes or heart disease decreases as the fat on the hips do not move on the body, but can occur cellulite, lumps in the breast or ovarian cancer. To get rid of fat from the hips, you must strengthen your muscles of the legs.

Minion shape. There are people up to 1.5 m tall. Being weaker, the risk of heart disease or diabetes is very low, but osteoporosis can occur. It is recommended to consume calcium-rich foods to fortify bones. They can do Pilates or aerobics.

Rectangle shape – when the hips and shoulders are equals. Tall people sit in an incorrect position, and therefore may develop back problems. They have a massive bone structure and a good metabolism. They may have bone complications or respiratory problems but also nutrition. They must strengthen their immune system. Yoga and Pilates are recommended.

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