Natural Remedies To Erase Those Spider Veins Both Internally And Externally

For spider veins, the best way is to use both internal treatment with teas and juices, as well as external treatment, with compresses or natural ointments. Here are 2 effective remedies.

Honey with onion

Prepare a decoction from 600 ml of onion juice with 300 ml of acacia honey. If you prepared the juice in a blender, squeeze it through gauze to obtain it. Put it in a bottle and shake it well. Store it in the refrigerator. Drink 50 ml before each main meal and take a 30-day cure, then pause for one month and resume until the spider veins disappear. The preparation will only stay in the refrigerator in order not to become toxic and not to be consumed in the case of hyperacid gastritis and stomach or duodenum ulcers.

Apple cider vinegar, internally and externally

Internally, drink 2 glasses of water with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the evening.
Externally apply apple cider vinegar on spider veins directly, while gently massaging it with your palm, from knees to toes. Repeats daily for one month until the firsts results start to appear.

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