Natural makeup for all skin types

The new trend in terms of makeup for spring-summer season is … naturalness. This type of makeup is called “nude” and it’s not boring, nor common. The secret lies in the ability to find and match shades.

Choose a color palette that is close to your skin tone and make no excesses. The rule is variable for each and every face area. So, mascara, eye shadow, blush and lipstick / lipgloss must complement one to another, and all must naturally highlight the facial features.

If you have pale skin

Start by applying a thin layer of foundation all over the face, or just in the T zone (if you have pale skin). If you have oily skin, use a product specifically designed for this skin type, which controls the sebum secretion. The rule also applies to the other skin types.
So, after you have applied a thin layer of foundation, a light coated powder can give a mat appearance to your skin. But you must know the latest fashion trends promote a translucent face appearance, which is why you should use an iridescent powder. Then makeup your eyes. Use a neutral color, a bit darker than your eyes shade. Apply one or two mascara layers and makeup your lips using pale pink lipgloss.

If you have medium skin tone

Start by stretching a thin translucent foundation on the face. You can use a powder with the same qualities. For the lips, choose a coppery golden color gloss to give a little color. Then use a copper blush and makeup in similar color, but not metallic.
The lines must be smooth and fine. The accents are almost nonexistent, and this is what the nude makeup trends requires this season. End up by applying two layers of brown or black mascara.

If you have dark skin

Apply a moisturizing foundation of the entire skin for any coloring variations. Accentuate the cheeks color to emphasize the cheekbones. In order to give an iridescent appearance to your face, use bronze powder for the forehead, cheeks and chin.
For the eyes, you can choose warm shades of brown and burgundy, without applying excessive amount or color. Two layers of mascara are sufficient. Regarding the lips, apply a generous gloss layer in tone with the rest of the shades used.

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