How To Use Unrefined Cocoa Butter To Get The Perfect Tan

To enjoy a healthy and uniform tan, we recommend the use of unrefined and unprocessed cocoa butter, even if it has a strong chocolate smell, because it has beneficial properties for your skin. But keep in mind that you also need to use a sunscreen because specialists say that cocoa butter doesn’t protect your skin from UV rays.

You can also use cocoa butter after sun exposure to hydrate your skin and enjoy a relaxing moment.
For a perfect tan, apply cocoa butter at least with 20 minutes before sun exposure and don’t forget to use a sunscreen at the same time! You’ll see after the first use how your tan is perfectly uniform just like in the
fashion magazines.

Important! Because cocoa butter is unrefined it will hard to apply it on the skin. Microwave it for 30 seconds for an easy application.

Other benefits of cocoa butter:

Used internally:
– strengthens immunity;
– relieves stress;
– fights against diabetes;
– regulates cholesterol level;
– reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;
– gets you rid of fatigue.

Used externally:
– protects and hydrates the skin;
– repairs cracked lips and treats minor wounds;
– nourishes the skin and treats irritation;
– fight against premature aging of the skin.

Image Credits: Bustle

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