How to properly soften toenails before cutting

Regardless if you’re doing a pedicure or you simply doing your personal hygiene, cutting your toenails can be difficult if they are not soft enough and can be broken, chipped and uneven. Soften your nails before cutting is a good way to prevent problems and to make sure your nails remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Softening your nails is simple and it only take a few minutes.

You need:
– tub or a large bowl
– bath salts
– towel
– stopwatch
– nail clippers

1. Fill the tub or a large bowl with hot water. Test the temperature by dipping your finger in the water, to be certain you’ll not burn your feet.

2. Pour 1/8 cup of bath salts in a bowl and mix well to evenly disperse and dissolve it.

3. Place a towel on the floor outside the tub or beside the large bowl. This allows you to dry your feet in one step, when you’re ready to take them out of the water.

4. Set the timer for 10 minutes.

5. Dip your feet in the salt water. It must be enough water in the bathtub or in the large bowl to completely cover your feet with water.

6. Remove your feet from the salt water after 10 minutes. Put your feet on the towel and dry them. Your nails should be now much softer and more flexible than 10 minutes earlier.

7. Cut your toenails in a straight line. If you prefer, file your nails.

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