How To Prepare Parsley Toner To Get Rid Of Brown Spots

Brown spots are an aesthetic problem that affects more and more women. If you face with brown spots on the face, hands or neck, you need to know that there are simple solutions to get rid of them.

Below, we show you how to get rid of brown spots naturally with parsley:

You need:
– 25 grams of parsley
– 200 ml of spring water
– 300 ml of mineral water

You should put parsley in 200 ml of hot water for 30 minutes and then let it cool in a covered container.
After cooling, in about 30 minutes, strain the water and combine it with mineral water.

Put this mixture in a bottle and keep it in the dark place.

Wash your face normally every morning then apply the parsley toner using cotton pads. Leave this preparation to act throughout the day and you’ll soon see the effect!

Image Credits: JJbegonia

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