How To Prepare Aromatic Vinegar To Get Rid Of Fever

Fever is the defense mechanism of the body. In the fight with any disease, when the situation becomes critical, white blood cells send alarm signals to the brain. The fever installs as an emergency defense action. It quickly removes toxins, burns microbes and viruses.

You can get rid of fever with aspirin or different medicines, but you can achieve the same results with natural remedies as teas or aromatic vinegar.

Take massages with aromatic vinegar or apply compresses with it on the belly, neck, forehead and feet. Below you have 3 excellent aromatic vinegar recipes for lowering fever.

1 – 40 gr of lavender, 20 gr of mint, 20 gr of sage, 10 gr of wild thyme, 10 grams of juniper. Leave the plants to macerate in 1 liter of vinegar for 7 days.

2 – 100 gr of rose petals are put to macerate in 100 ml of alcohol and 300 ml of vinegar for 5 days.

– 80 grams of lavender macerated in one liter of vinegar for 7 days.

Image Credits: Food52

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