How To Make Your Baby Stop Crying With This Reflexotherapy Guide

Reflexotherapy guide for your baby’s soles and toddlers

Babies are considered to be more responsive to reflexology than adults. This happens because of their increased receptivity to the physical touch. When a child feels bad, the natural physical response of the parents is to embrace him, to caress him on his back, etc. For this reason, reflexology is the perfect treatment for babies and toddlers to make them stop crying and not only.

The head / teeth
To treat head, neck and tooth problems, it is advisable to massage your baby’s toes. Massaging the toes is recommended especially during the period of growing teeth to relieve the pain and discomfort of the baby.

In the central right side of soles is the sinus area. Applying pressure in that area, the intensity of sinus symptoms will reduce significant.

The chest
The area of the foot pillar corresponds to the chest area. The massage in this area relieves pectoral congestion, relieving cough or productive chronic colds. Several medical studies have scientifically demonstrated that reflexology effectively reduces all forms of congestion.

Solar plexus
The solar plexus is a conglomerate of nerve endings positioned between the stomach area and the base of the rib arch. The pains that occur in this place can be due to a wide range of diseases, given the high degree of nerves in this area, but painful symptoms can be calmed by simply stimulating the upper part, at the end of the foot arch.

Upper and lower abdomen
The arch of the foot corresponds to the abdomen area. The upper abdomen area correlates with the upper half of the foot arch. The massage performed in this area encourages healing of digestive problems such as intestinal obstruction and stomach burns.

The lower abdomen area correlates with the lower half of the foot arch. Stimulation of this region supports the healing of post-digestive problems such as constipation and bloating.

The baby’s heels communicate with the pelvic area. The main problems in this area are related to poor posture and muscle tension. Pain can be alleviated by applying pressure on the heels.

In conclusion, he reminds that reflexology is an effective way to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by certain diseases and certain symptoms such as congestion. It is far from being a “guaranteed” method for all diseases and should never replace specialized medical care, but rather ensure relief of symptoms before and during the treatment recommended by the pediatrician.

Image Credits: Theheartysoul

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