How to Get Rid of That Intense Pain From a Pulled Lower Back Muscle

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort in your back, it is likely you have either strained or sprained your back.

Besides wearing special back braces, there are many home treatment options you can do to help lower your pain and discomfort caused by a pulled back muscle. You can try the following treatment options in addition to wearing a back brace.

Use compression straps or bandages

Applying compression bandages or using an active compression system will help reduce swelling and edema so the damaged tissues can repair themselves more quickly.


Right after a muscle strain, it is important to rest for one day up to one week, depending on the extent of the injury. After the initial pain subsides, returning to limited activity will actually help accelerate recovery.


As you return to activity, gentle stretching exercises will help speed up recovery by bringing more blood flow to the injured area.

Strength exercises

As the pain subsides, add strengthening exercises in addition to stretching. Allowing the muscles to weaken with too much rest can actually impede recovery.

Apply heat

After the first few days, alternating ice therapy with the application of moist heat can help reduce pain and increase circulation.


You can further increase blood flow to the injured tissues with light massage.

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