How To Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally

The oily skin is the result of an increased release of sebum by the sebaceous glands, usually this is due to the type of skin, but its status may change depending on the hormonal environment: during pregnancy or adolescence precipitation factor are neurological disorders – psychic: schizophrenia, stroke, psychosis, stomach, and / or colon, bad selection of cosmetics. The problem of oily skin is ongoing, special cosmetics, but it should not be too zealous, it can lead to increased activity of sebaceous glands, while the superficial layers of the skin, on the contrary, can become very dry and dehydrated. Oily and problematic skin requires more careful treatment. Thus, you need to keep reading this article to learn how to deal with it and how to get rid of oily skin.

The problematic of oily skin is the most common in young age, has a gray hue, expressed brilliance, large pores, rough surface and acne rash. Winter skin is dry a bit, but in summer all problems are exacerbated. Not only does the amount of fat increase, it also changes in it. As a result, the pH decreases with sebum, this leads to a decrease in the barrier function of the skin, creating good conditions for interconnection and growth of various bacteria and fungi.

If the keratinization processes in the follicle are disturbed then there are so – called comedones. Comedones are an accumulation of sebum and dirt in the hair follicle, which leads to the clogging of the pores. At first, it looks like a white knot under the skin, but when exposed to oxygen darkens gradually. If the infection has occurred, then they appear in baskets and black dots.

Skin care principles for oily and problematic skin:

– purification;
– exfoliating;
– Reduced sebum secretion;
– Eliminating high keratinization;
– Reducing the risk of infection by adherence;
– Hydration and removal of oily luster;
– Cosmetic camouflage imperfections of the skin;
– Protection from ultraviolet and sunlight;
– Improving microcirculation;

After you wash your face, create your own tonic. According to Best Health Mag, soak a cotton cloth in the Hamamelis tincture, which you find on the cloak, and apply the face twice a day for 2-3 weeks. After the third week, he uses the method only once a day. This plant contains tannins, which have an astringent effect and pinch pores as it dries.

The mint and the salvia are good remedies. All you have to do is put a spoon out of them in a cup, then cover with warm water and leave for 30 minutes. Then filter the liquid and when it’s cold you wash it with your face. If you keep it in the refrigerator, you can keep it for several days and use it repeatedly.

– and hyssop, a mint-related plant, is an excellent tonic, the process being the same.

– a combination of lavender and essential oil neroli (derived from orange blossoms) is very good. Put the lavender floral water in a container and a drop of oil, then you can spray on the face from time to time.


– and the grains are good for absorbing excess oil on your face and for cleaning your skin. Melt 2 tablespoons of oats, moisturize them a little with hamamelis, so create a paste and, using your fingers, massage the skin lightly, then rinse with warm water.

– a few times a week, massage your face with sour cream. It contains acids that collect the pores.


– and the clay mask helps eliminate impurities, being easily found in any pharmacy. You can put in it and 2 drops of lemon to give it a more beautiful smell.

– egg whites can be used several times a week to get rid of excess oil. Put a teaspoon of honey and stir well to form a homogeneous paste, then apply and let it act for a few minutes.

– Some Indonesian women use the mango mask to dry their face, so why do not you try it? Crush the fruit, add some water and stir until a soft paste is made. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and then a teaspoon of sage, lemon, and mint. Apply the mixture and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse.

How to get rid of that unwanted shine

– Throughout the day, powder your face from time to time with a very light powder, one that does not clog the pores and cause acne.

– Look for alcohol towel packages to remove from time to time.

– Drink a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, because a diet is very important in this problem. You need fatty acids that greatly improve your health and skin quality.

Image Credits: Beauty Tips

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