How to get rid of belly fat

If you want to get rid of belly fat you need to lose weight all over your body. The idea that you should focus specifically on the abdomen in order to lose fat has been discredited since the ‘80s. A combination of diet and exercise will give the best results in losing belly fat.

Diet plan

Follow a simple diet to lose weight to help you create a calorie deficit. Choose a program that reduces your daily intake to a few hundred calories. If you want a simpler option, follow a diet replacement. Lose weight by eliminating most sweets, sugary drinks and refined grains that you normally consume. Replace empty calories with vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This practice naturally reduces your calorie intake and improves your daily nutrition.


Cardiovascular exercises raise the heart rate for several minutes. Examples include running, swimming or biking. Do three or four sessions per week consisting of 30 minutes of moderate effort – this can produce dramatic results in weight loss. Swimming often offers the best option to start with, especially if you are overweight. Floating in water helps protect your joints from injury.

Resistance training

Resistance training involves strengthening exercises such as gymnastics, yoga and weightlifting. This type of exercise doesn’t increase the heart rate for long periods. It also burns fewer calories than cardio. Make two or three sessions per week. It includes one or two sets for each muscle group.

Abdominal exercises

These will tone the muscles underneath the abdomen fat and will make your abdominal area more attractive.

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