How To Get Rid of Acid Reflux – What Doctors Do Not Tell You

Have you ever felt a strong burn in your stomach after you ate? There is a risk of acid reflux. We often minimize this symptom and consider that an antacid can solve the problem, but it is wrong. Acid reflux tells us that something is not working properly in our body. The natural remedies that we will talk about are at hand for each of us, and their benefits are not just related to acid reflux but extend to general health. Thus, keep reading and see how to get rid of acid reflux naturally!

Factors that lead to a decrease in gastric acid:

– Eating in excess or eating on the run
– Long stress
– Drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages
– Consumption of too many proteins (especially red meat), dairy products, fatty foods and refined foods
– Smoking

Are you confronted with this extremely unpleasant digestive disorder? Here are some natural treatments for acid reflux, whose efficacy has been proven over time.

How does acid reflux manifest?

Gastroesophageal reflux or acid reflux is the action by which gastric acid in the stomach climbs into the esophagus. The lower esophageal sphincter serves as a protective valve that prevents food from climbing from the stomach into the esophagus. When this sphincter does not work properly, gastric juice enters the esophagus, causing acid regurgitation after each meal. Symptoms of acid reflux are stomach burns located behind the sternum and can move to the throat.

Top 5 natural treatments for acid reflux

The following natural treatments for acid reflux have been tested for years and their effectiveness has been confirmed. In addition, they are beneficial to general health.

Aloe Vera juice helps reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of acid reflux. Moreover, it is a powerful detoxifier for the body. You can find it or prepare it yourself: Mix in a blender 30 ml of juice extracted from the aloe plant (about 2 tablespoons) with a cup of citrus juice. Obviously, the latter, in turn, must be natural, prepared in the house. Drink this juice once a day.

To relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, you can take a spoonful of apple vinegar diluted in a glass of lukewarm water daily.

Also, a red elm tea will help you calm your stomach burns almost instantly. And that’s because the red elm has strong anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it stimulates nerve endings in the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates mucus secretions whose role is to protect the digestive tract from excess acidity or ulcer.

Chamomile tea favors the reduction of inflammation in the digestive tract mucosa. It also improves digestion. You can drink it 2-3 times a day, between meals.

Ginger has a strong gastroprotective effect, blocking acid uptake to the esophagus and favoring the formation of a healthy intestinal flora. Ginger also helps to eliminate Helicobacter pylori. To prepare a ginger tea, boil a few ginger for 10 minutes (or 2 teaspoons of ginger powder), then leave it a few minutes before eating it.

Do not forget, however, that before you call for natural remedies, consult your doctor.

Do you know other natural treatments about how to get rid of acid reflux?

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