How to Get Rid of a Headache Quick with 3 Banal Ingredients

Headache occurs when changes in the chemical composition occur in the brain. Chemicals in the brain can change for several reasons, but the most important cause of headaches in the modern age is stress.

Other causes that lead to severe migraines include: intense physical activity, strong smells (including certain perfumes), inactivity, hair accessories, smoking, dehydration, red wine or other alcoholic beverages, excessive caffeine consumption, and anger.

All these causes can be prevented with 3 ingredients that you can easily find in your house. It’s about salt, water and lemon. It is advisable to use Himalayan salt.

Lemon Water with Himalayan Salt

Combine two teaspoons of Himalayan salt with lemon juice and 200 ml of water. Mix the composition well until you get a salty lemonade. Salt contains magnesium, essential in rejuvenating the body after a stressful day at work. Lemon contains vitamin C, known for tissue recovery properties and adjuvant in relieving muscle pain and headaches.

Salt consumption increases serotonin levels, which helps relieve headaches and reduce inflammation. Drink this mixture in one gulp, lay down on your back and wait for a few minutes. You will see that your headache will disappear by wonder quickly.

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