How to Get Rid of A Fever Fast – Replace Pills With These Natural Remedies

Fever is an unpleasant symptom that occurs in several types of diseases. It may be a sign of a cold, a viral infection or an infection in the body and only. Before you can get help with medicines that take the excess and after your ear can cause high toxicity in the body and side effects, try to resort to natural remedies. Read this article and find out how to get rid of a fever.

The normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees Celsius. It is true that it varies over a day and can be different from person to person. If the temperature of 38 degrees is reached, after physical exercise or during a hot day, there is no cause for concern. Instead, if the temperature rises to 39-40 degrees, then you have to act to get rid of this problem.

What you can do when you feel that your temperature is increasing

1. Make a warm bath, but not with cold water, so you’ll even get the opposite effect.

2. Put cold compresses on your forehead and neck.

3. Consume more liquids at a lower temperature than the room, but not extremely cold. Drink as much water and possibly squeeze a lemon into it. Fever dehydrates the body and you need to supplement the intake of liquids. Orange juice is a good choice because it is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. Also, cold grapes also hydrate and soothe your throat.

4. The idea is to do something to sweat quickly. Hang up with a blanket and sleep a little. During sleep, you will sweat, and this will lower your body temperature and you will fight more easily against viruses.

5. Try to eat less. Body temperature also increases when you eat. Opt for lighter foods, soups, natural juices.

6. Tea

– make a tea of the queen’s tail. This will help open the pores and make you sweat more. Boil the plant for 10 minutes, let the tea cool and then consume it.

– The elderberry flowers are also good, helping you to sweat. Mix 2 tablespoons of flowers in hot water and keep the pot covered for 15 minutes, then drink.

– Ginger tea can be done in the same manner and has remarkable results in lowering the temperature.

– Pressed hot pepper, containing capsaicin, which accelerates blood circulation.

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