How To Easily Remove Ear Wax (Cerumen) With Mustard Oil

Cerumen (wax in the ears) is a natural lubricant secreted by the glands in the auditory canal. Its role is to form a protective barrier against microorganisms and external substances.

The problem is when the cerumen accumulates excessively, blocking the auditory channel and producing uncomfortable symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing loss and itching.

Mustard oil remedy to get rid of cerumen
Mustard oil is a natural product that facilitates the removal of excess ear wax. Its antimicrobial properties create a protective barrier against microbes and reduce the risk of infection.

1. Heat a few drops of mustard oil to bain-marie. When they reach a high enough temperature, apply oil in your ears.
2. Leave the remedy to act for a few minutes, and then tilt your head to remove the excess oil.
3. Apply this remedy in both ears and finally wipe the outside of the ears with a cotton swab.
4. You can apply the mustard oil with a pipette or, simple, with you finger.

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