How To Apply Mayo To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Did you know there are various natural remedies to get rid of head lice? Heat lice and nits are annoying parasites and any infested person want to get rid of them pretty fast!

Unfortunately, when a lice epidemic is triggered in the area where you live and your children’s hair is infested, it will not be easy for you to fix the problem. After all, the lice can reproduce very quickly.
But even if they are not dangerous, there is no point in wearing them proudly on our hair, hoping they can finally find a new home. Head lice will not disappear like magic. In fact, the only way to remove them right away is cut all your hair.

Mayo to get rid of head lice

Covering your head with mayo can be the most effective trick to get rid of lice. Due to its consistency, mayonnaise can immediately suffocate these small insects.

If this product doesn’t kill them by suffocation, the lice that survive the initial application will remain dizzy and trapped in the mayonnaise. Thus, you have to comb your hair to remove them.

Then wash your head well. For the best results, we advise you to repeat this treatment once a day for a week. An interesting “side effect” is that, due to the properties of mayonnaise, your hair will be shiny.

Image Credits: AAJ

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