How Can I Make My Lower Back Pain Go Away Fast?

Many people suffer from lumbar pain these days. Sometimes we wake up tired with a serious low back pain because we’ve slept in an inappropriate position or didn’t move at all. Sometimes this type of pain can occur at the end of the day.

The lumbar region is an important component of the human body which is frequently affected by pain. Extend sitting or standing is the main cause of lumbar pain. Also diet, emotional moods, lack of movement, inadequate exercise or digestive and intestinal disturbances can have a significant impact over your body and may reflect in your lower back.

Fortunately, low back pain can be treated with some simple tricks. You don’t need to visit the physician because you can easily apply the next remedy followed by a set of stretches that target that particular area.
Pay attention! If the pain won’t go in a day or two you should see a doctor.

Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties and you can apply it to any region you want to calm down the pain (on the abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps, knees, etc.).

As for lumbar pain, cabbage leaves will calm down the pain quickly if you apply it as it follows:


  • You need 4-6 cabbage leaves. The greener they are the better.
  • Put a pot of water to boil, and when it starts to boil soak the cabbage leaves in the hot water for 10 seconds.
  • Then place the cabbage leaves on a chopper and press them gently to release the cabbage juice.
  • Apply these hot cabbage leaves to the lumbar region. Cover them with a dry cotton cloth and put a warm towel on top.
  • Leave the remedy to act for 10 minutes.
  • Apply this treatment 2-3 times a day.
  • Along with this remedy, you can try to perform a set of stretches which target the lumbar area. Grab an elastic band and try the ones in the below video:

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