Honey and Vaseline Treatment to get rid of Chapped Lips Super-Fast

Nothing is worse than chapped lips which prevent you from eating that hot soup or cup of coffee due to those deep cracks.

If this is right about the time of the year when your lips go from sort of soft and smooth to totally dry and cracked, we have the best remedy to face this problem.

Honey and Vaseline Treatment

One thing that you may be unaware of regarding honey is its startling anti-bacterial properties.

Along with honey, the well known Vaseline or petroleum jelly is often used to protect against dry skin.

When both of them are combined, they make the best home remedy to provide protection against the dry lips along with the amazing anti-bacterial properties.

How to use:

Apply a good amount of pure honey all over the lips. Then layer the lips with Vaseline and leave it for around 15-20 minutes.

Use a damp muslin cloth to remove the remaining vaseline and honey. Repeat this remedy every day for about a week.

What Vaseline does is it acts as an absorbent for the lips. Further, additional hydration is also provided.

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