Homemade: How to make basic natural soap

Making your own natural soap is very simple. Stores that sell crafts products abound in most of the cities, and the ingredients can be basic or exotic.

This article will teach you how to make a simple and basic natural soap.

What you need:

– soap molds (in any pattern)
– 100 percent pure petrolatum
– 1 tablespoon of distilled water
– cheese grater
– 1 or 2 bars of any colorless (ivory or castile) soap or soap-based glycerin (this can be found at craft stores or stores that sell supplies for hobbies)
– pan
– wooden spoon
– a grill


– Lightly grease inside the soap molds with Vaseline.

– Grate the basis of your soap until you have the equivalent of 1 1/4 cup. Place the grated soap in a double boiler with distilled water, over medium heat.

– Heat it gently, stirring occasionally until the mixture resembles with a sponge cake (about 30 minutes). Don’t boil the soap base.

– Pour a tablespoon of melted soap quickly but carefully on the molds you have previously greased with Vaseline. Gently tap the mold edges to remove air bubbles. Let the melted soap sit on molds until it cools completely.

– Gently remove the soap from the mold and place it on the grill to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

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