Homemade After-Sun Spray To Calm Sunburns

This spray is an excellent remedy for sunburn. Calms and cools irritated and burnt skin. Besides, it’s very easy to prepare, very cheap and you need just 2 ingredients!

It’s advisable to avoid using moisturizing lotions and oils before the skin cools down and begins its natural healing process.

Sunburn spray

– 60 ml of apple cider vinegar
– 12-24 drops of essential lavender oil

Pour the vinegar into a small spray bottle. You can use a container from an older spray. Add the essential oil and place the lid. Shake well before use.

Apply on the burnt areas.

It’s advisable that the bottle should be dark, because essential oils tend to oxidize if they are exposed to sunlight.

If you can’t find a dark bottle, keep the spray in a dark place, like your pantry!

Image Credits: Mommypotamus

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