Home remedies to temporarily relieve toothache

There aren’t many things worse than a toothache. When the pain starts, you need to see a dentist to solve the problem that causes it, but there are home remedies you can use to ease the pain until you get a real treatment. Some of these remedies are already in your house and some are easily to get.

You need:
– whiskey
– hydrogen peroxide 3%
– vanilla or almond extract
– sea salt
– dental floss
– cloves or cloves oil


– Rinsing your mouth with warm water and sea salt can help a lot in relieving toothache. By doing this, you can help remove a piece of food stuck between your teeth. Gargle with salt water at room temperature and spit as many times you need until you can go to the dentist. Sea salt has more beneficial minerals then common salt. Warm water will help dissolve the salt.

– Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide 3%, but don’t swallow it. You may feel a strong sense of bubbling, but this will disinfect your mouth. It can also help whiten your teeth and will make them brighter.

– Put your finger or a cotton swab dipped in clove oil in the place that hurts. It has an analgesic effect and can give substantial relief.

– Rinse your mouth with whiskey without swallowing it. Whiskey can numb the gums and you’ll feel no pain, and also has disinfectant action, such as salt water or hydrogen peroxide.

– Eat yogurt. The healthy bacteria in yogurt can help relieve pain and will cure mouth sores.

– Use dental floss to release food that may be touching a nerve between teeth.

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