Grandma’s Tricks To Get A Fish Bone Out Of The Throat Immediately

I had a delicious meal last evening with my entire family. I was just glad that grandma could come. Hence, mom decided to cook fish and not torment our stomach with heavy food such as pork ribs. But, while I was enjoying a piece of baked fish dipped in garlic paste, I discovered that a fish bone was stuck in my throat and it was pinching me with every bite. I stopped eating and it was still pinching my tonsil when I turned my head to the right.

So, that was the moment when I panicked! I know how much harm a tiny fish bone can do if you don’t cough it up in the first minutes. I heard that it can actually make a hole in your esophagus, leading to infection.
Thankfully that grandma was with us and she has quite a life experience. She is not afraid by a fish bone like me, hence she told me to do the next tricks to blow that fish bone out of my throat:

1. Cough

  • Your first instinct will be to cough, and you should follow it.
  • Coughing is your body’s first line of defense against all sorts of interlopers, from germs to soda that went down the wrong way.
  • Oftentimes, coughing hard for a few minutes will blow enough air against the bone to dislodge it.
  • If coughing doesn’t work, continue reading.

2. Get Some Peanut Butter or Drink a Milkshake

  • Eat a peanut butter sandwich. Both bread and peanut butter will help you to push the fish bone away so it won’t create discomfort anymore. Milkshake has the same effect and it’s more delicious.

3. Eat Marshmallows Or Nuts

  • If you are out of peanut butter, marshmallows are helpful too. Place a few marshmallows in your mouth, without catching, and chew well.
  • Nuts are great too. Eat a handful of nuts and drink a glass of water to swallow better.

4. Gargle With Salty Water

  • Drink water to clean the throat, and then we can try to gargle with warm water with a little salt and lemon juice , to prevent possible local infections.

5. The Last Thing Is To Swallow Olive Oil

  • Olive oil is a great lubricant. The oil will make the bones slick and slippery, and will also help to soften it and weigh it down so that you can swallow the bone away.

I will definitely be more careful when eating fish next time.

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