Get Rid Of Cramps With These 5 Phenomenal Tips That Will Improve Your Life

I don’t think I need to remind you, girls, that getting your period can be a major bummer for a lot of reasons. For me, the worst thing about getting my period has always been some seriously horrible PMS. When I was younger, I used to get the worst cramps ever. Ugh… aren’t period cramps the worst?! I don’t get them as much anymore (thank God), but maybe that’s because I tried out about a million ways to get rid of them. The upside of that? I can now share my tips with you guys. So, wondering how to get rid of cramps or at least make them better? Check out these 5 tips that will make your life better.

Here are the most effective natural remedies for cramps.

5 natural ways to get rid of cramps:

1. Eat dill

The dill has the ability to combat aerophagia and abdominal bloating. This plant relieves pains that resemble as some belly knives. Tea is a little dick and drinks hot water afterward. You will feel better in the next 5 minutes.

2. The pineapple is perfect

The pineapple has digestive action and immediately cure abdominal pain. It is good to consume pineapple especially for the feeling of discomfort that occurs in the lower abdomen.

3. Drink mint tea

Mint tea is very good for detoxification. It relaxes your abdominal muscles and helps improve bile flow. Mint tea helps to better digest food, especially if you face indigestion or gas. Boil a handful of fresh mint leaves to a cup of water and let them boil for tea.

4. Put lemon juice in hot water

Indigestion has a dreaded enemy: lemon. Squeeze a lemon in warm water and drink from this healing liqueur. Acidity stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid, responsible for the decomposition of food.

5. Drink a cup of ginger tea and everything better will be

For dizziness, stomach pain or vomiting, ginger is the handiest and most effective solution. It contains shogaols and gingerol, two natural chemicals designed to relieve intestinal colic cramps. You can also add honey to this tea. Consume this tea right after eating something that has not fallen well or if the cramp is due to the fact that you did not eat at all that day.

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