Fruits You Should Avoid While Trying to Lose Weight

When we desperately want to lose weight, we tend to think that fruits are healthy, a low-calorie alternative that may be a substitute for dinner. This is not true for all types of fruit, because many of them contain a lot of sugar, almost the same quantities as a chocolate has.

See what fruits you should replace if you want an enviable silhouette.

1. Apricots – chose Strawberries instead

Strawberries are well suited for a balanced diet because they contain fiber, vitamin C, plenty of water and very little sugar, and this combination fights cellulite.

Apricots are rather “heavy” and they lead to indigestion, but the main danger lies in cores. If you like to eat apricot cores, you should know that it contains amygdalin, which forms cyanide acid inside the stomach, causing nausea, dizziness and fainting.

2. Pears – chose Melons or Watermelons instead

Melons and watermelons contain plenty of fiber and excess water, but they quickly produce satiety and have a diuretic effect that removes toxins, fighting cellulite and acne. In addition, they are a great help when it’s hot outside because they restore the balance of fluids that are vital for a healthy skin.

Instead, pears overwhelm the activity of the intestines because they induce constipation.

3. Avocados – chose Forest Berries instead

Forest berries have very little sugar, many antioxidants and vitamin C, so they can’t affect your silhouette, on the contrary, they help produce collagen and excess fat burning.

On the other hand, the avocado is that fruit you want to avoid when you’re on the diet. It contains 227 kcal.

4. Grapes – chose Apples instead

Apples are the best fruits for athletes. They have no fat and their energy value is 60-100 kcal. They contain fiber and give a quick feeling of satiety. Thanks to their antioxidants and pectins, apples successfully fight cellulite.

Grapes are bad for your health because they have a lot of sugar and their bark is hard to digest, and the seeds can congest the intestines, while their acidity affects the teeth.

5. Bananas – chose Grapefruit instead

Grapefruit is well known as a good fighter with extra pounds. No high-calorie meal (within the limit of 800 kcal) will affect your silhouette if you eat half a grapefruit before.

On the opposite side, bananas are the most energetic fruits and they digest slowly. Researchers have recently discovered that bananas contain a substance that blocks the activity of cells responsible for breaking up fat deposits.

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