Effective Natural Solutions To Combat Bad Breath – Find Out How You Finally Get Rid Of It!

Bad breath or halitosis is usually caused by inappropriate oral hygiene. However, there are other factors that may cause halitosis, such as gum disease, respiratory system, dental injury, poor diet, lazy digestion or constipation, smoking or alcohol abuse, various liver conditions or kidneys. Thus, for your health, read this article if you don’t know how to get rid of bad breath and learn how to combat it.

In the morning, bad breath occurs especially due to dehydration of the body, but also because of the reduced amount of saliva secreted overnight in the mouth and thus allowed the development of bacteria. Halitosis is usually associated with very heavy tongue.

If the gums, tongue, and teeth, because of deposits and bacteria, emit odorless smells, it is appropriate to adopt healthy oral hygiene habits to get rid of this problem. Thus, tooth brushing properly, careful use of dental floss and toothpaste, as well as a clean mouth with clean water can do wonders in this regard.

What do you need to know?

Look at the side effects of the medications you take. Are these likely to cause halitosis? If the answer is yes, consult your family doctor to see to what extent you can follow alternative treatment. In any case, do not interrupt your treatment alone! Only your doctor is able to advise you on this, based on your medical history and analysis.

For a few days, be careful about the diet you are following – did your diet make food that may cause bad breath? Garlic, onions and certain types of fish are known to be responsible for halitosis. As such, it is necessary to give up the foods and products that give an unpleasant odor of the mouth.

There are many natural solutions that can help you in your approach. For example, there are many plants that, due to their properties, can refresh your breath – chew a parsley or mint before and after each meal to get rid of specific halitosis in such situations.

Here are some natural tips on how to get rid of bad breath:

Mix a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder in a mug filled with hot water and every morning make gargle with this solution. Breathing will keep you fresh throughout the day!

Eat carrots, celery, and apples that help clean your teeth and keep fresh breath.

Rowtai (black cumin), anise or cloves, for a pleasant smell of the whole mouth – keep the seeds in hand, in a jar or in a box.

Fresh parsley has a similar effect and, at the same time, is rich in chlorophyll, the chemical responsible for the green color of the plant. This is recognized for its outstanding properties for eliminating unpleasant odors in the mouth.

Chlorophyll is also found in other green plants, such as alfalfa, barley juice, green wheat or spirulina. A teaspoon of the juice of these plants is necessary to get rid of halitosis – the juice must first be rinsed in the mouth, then swallowed.

Mint, rosemary, and salvia are ideal in the fight against unpleasant breathing – however, be cautious about using salvia, especially if you suffer from epilepsy. Otherwise, rinse your mouth with sage tea several times a day. Tea can also be drunk, with a good taste.

Alternatively, turn to spirulina tablets, which must be meticulously cured.

Propolis has antibacterial action, being particularly effective in fighting halitosis and maintaining good gum health.

Image Credits: Jared M. Smith DMD

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