Does Vicks VapoRub Really Heal A Sunburn?

We all remember Vicks VapoRub unique scent – a mix of eucalyptus and camphor- because our mothers use it to rub our chests every time we caught a cold or deal with a nasal congestion.

But, lately, this product shows that its usefulness extends beyond treating coughs and congestion, and I’m extremely thrilled about it – I wrote an article about Vicks Vaporub usefulness and you can find it here.
However, I want to talk about a particular case where Vicks VapoRub saved my skin, literally.

My husband decided that is time for an exquisite vacation, and he took me to East Hamptons last weekend. So, for 2 days I lied on the beach doing absolutely nothing, except getting tanned. At least, that’s what I was thinking, because I end-up with a painful sunburnt. It seems that sun didn’t want to kiss my skin so, it decided to blast it!
But who knew that Vicks VapoRub will save my ass, literally, because I was looking like a freaking Baboon.

After applying milk and fresh tomato juice to soothe the burning pain, my husband came with the perfect solution to relieve that painful sunburnt: Vicks VapoRub.

Caution! Don’t use Vicks VapoRub directly on blistered or broken skin because it will sting badly.

You need:

-refrigerated Vicks VapoRub

How to apply?

  • Well, take a small amount on your finger tips and apply it over the sunburnt area of your body. Apply a nice thick layer and let it do its job. You will feel a cooling relief instantly.
  • It’s advisable not wear nice clothes because they’ll get stained. You better don’t wear any clothes at all and let the VapoRub ingredients do their soothing effects.

Of course, you can clear people sinuses instantly, but, at least you’ll get an instant relief.

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