Acne remedies for pregnant women

Many women experience a healthy “glow” during their pregnancy, when acne disappears. Others, however, experience the acne caused by hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy.

Acne treatment during pregnancy can be tricky. Many of the drugs commonly used to treat acne are not safe for pregnant women. For example, you shouldn’t use traditional natural astringents made with lavender because they can relax the uterine muscles. However, some remedies will work safely and effectively.

Diet and exercise
The hormones dilution can prevent acne breakouts during pregnancy. A healthy routine is to walk, drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables in order to promote a healthier pregnancy, because less hormonal imbalances can cause acne. Water helps dilute the hormone in the system while walking helps stimulate blood flow. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which helps transport toxins and extra hormones in the system.

Home treatments
Be careful when you try acne home treatment. The fact that a substance is natural, herbal or organic doesn’t mean it is safe for pregnant women. Dried herbs can be highly concentrated. Don’t use herbal treatments without consulting a doctor because certain herbs (such as lavender) can cause complications in pregnancy. However, masks and cleansers with cucumber, rose water, strawberry leaves, lemon juice, tomato paste or toothpaste can remove acne safely and effectively. You can also use an ice pack to reduce swelling.

Prescription treatments
If all these fail, a dermatologist may prescribe a safe and effective drug that doesn’t endanger the fetus during pregnancy. Safe recipes for acne during pregnancy include creams or oral antibiotics, like erythromycin or clindamycin. Azelaic acid is a safe topical cream. As a rule, oral antibiotics are not safe for treating acne in pregnant women.

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