9 Tricks On How To Get Rid Of A Hangover – Here’s How You Get Better Quickly After A Party

The free days may cause you to overcome the measure and consume some more alcohol and food. After a barbecue, the beer slides more easily, we got to admit. The aperitif is also a delight. However, this article teaches you how to get rid of a hangover with natural remedies.

1. Eat pickles. Salt is a mineral that your body needs after a hard night. Cabbage jelly makes true miracles when it comes to a hangover. If you do not like it or do not like it, drink a glass of salt water.

2. Drink apple vinegar. 100 ml of apple vinegar has the same effect as a cup of roasted cabbage. A remedy that is not too appealing to taste, but in a small amount, can be quickly put on your throat.

3. Moisturize yourself. Several glasses of flat water remove alcohol from the blood and quench the satiated thirst caused by strong dehydration.

4. Eat something if you can! Obviously, light foods such as soup, toasted bread, and baked potatoes are indicated. If he does not do well, drink a mint tea that is sweetened with honey that will calm your stomach. Other foods are eggs, chicken or turkey, and yogurt. They contain cysteine, which helps to clear the liver from harmful radicals and calms gastric acidity.

5. Consume honey. Explanation: Alcohol abuse also leads to decreased blood sugar; Devoid of glucose, the nervous system suffers – that’s how the chills and tremors accompany the hangover. Glucose of the highest quality is found in honey, that is, 6 teaspoons of honey, half an hour for 4 hours (if you suffer from diabetes, it is not recommended. In fact, in this case, the alcohol is not indicated).

6. Take propolis tincture. For a quicker result, one liter of cold water can be gradually added, with small ingestions, in which you have mixed 50 ml of propolis tincture.

7. Drink a banana milkshake. Mix in a shaker a banana, a glass of milk and two teaspoons of honey. Their cumulative effect is beneficial: bananas soothe the stomach, honey restores the level of sugar in the body, and milk rehydrates it and reduces gastric acidity.

8. Drink alternative apple juice with tomato juice. To get rid of dizziness, drink, alternatively, apple juice and tomato (100 ml each). Repeat three times (in total, you will drink 300 ml of apple juice and 300 ml of tomato juice throughout the day).

9. Drink dill infusion. After drinking more, sometimes heartburn or even nausea occurs. They are soaked with an infusion of dill leaves: put the plant in 250 ml of boiling water, cover the dish and leave for 3 to 5 minutes; The infusion thus obtained is divided into two equal parts, which are drunk after breakfast, respectively after dinner.

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