7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin

The double chin is an annoying aesthetic for many women. Although it seems hard to get rid of it, there are some exercises that can help you regain the firmness of the skin under the chin. Read this article and find out how to get rid of double chin.

Here are 7 simple exercises to get rid of the double chin.

1. Raise your chin

Stand right, your shoulders pushed back. Lift the chin a little and press the tongue hard with the tongue for 10 seconds. The muscles of the chin will contract and harden.

2. Stretch your neck

Put your head back as far as you can, so that the chin is pointed as far as the sky, without forcing your neck or back. Stay in this position for 20 seconds, then bring your head back very slowly. While doing this exercise, be sure to keep your back perfectly straight.

3. Rotate your throat

Put a splash on the wall, at the eye level. Then put his forehead on the towel and look down. Rotate your body – left-right – without moving your head on the towel. This movement greatly demands the muscles of the chin, hardening them.

4. The Excavator

Open your mouth wide, then push it in front of the mandible as if you want to catch something in your mouth. In this position close your mouth until your teeth touch your upper lip. Repeat these movements at least 15 times, whenever you remember.

5. Chest

It mimics the movements of the mastication so that the jaw muscles are moving. If it’s hard to mimic your movement, just open and close your mouth until you feel tension in the jaw.

6. Contract the jaw muscles

Stand upright with legs at the shoulders, head back and watch the ceiling. Then come close to your lips as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling. Simultaneously pushes the tongue with the tongue for 10 seconds. The contraction of the jaw muscles will lead to the disappearance of the double chin.

7. Watch out for the outfit

Accumulation of fat under the chin is also caused by the wrong posture. Whether standing or sitting, reading a book or working on your computer, be sure to sit straight and hold your chin up.

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