6 Easy To-Do Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite And Tone Your Buttocks

To get rid of cellulite and to tone your body and buttocks, you have to introduce these exercises in your daily schedule.

If you do these exercises daily at least for 2 weeks, you’ll see a big improvement of your musculature and the orange peel effect will banish off your thighs and buttocks. Not to mention that if you pay attention to your diet, you’ll be a teenager again. So, why not keep us healthy in a simple manner.

1. Place your legs to slightly exceed the hips line. The toes should form a 45 degrees angle.
2. Keep your back perfectly straight and your abdomen tense. Pull your shoulders back, so as your chest to be on front. Your back will curve just as normal to protect the spine.
3. Never look at your feet! The look must be in the mirror, and if you don’t have one, look straight.
4. You should feel all your weight in your heels and your soles should remain perfectly stick to ground.
5. Breathe deeply, allowing the air to enter into the stomach, not just in the chest, then let it down slightly holding your hands up front. An extremely important thing: When you get down, your butt goes back and your back stays straight! Do not leave your trunk in front!
6. When you get down you should form a 90 degrees angle.
Repeat the exercise 10-15 times, performing 2-3 sets.

1. Place your legs to slightly exceed the hips line. The toes should form a 45 degrees angle.
2. Hands are held at the back of the head, but only supported, without putting pressure on your head and bending it while you are doing the squats.
You don’t have to look at your elbows while you are doing squats and your abdomen should be tense.
Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

1. Lay on your left side with your left arm bent to hold your head.
2. Grab a dumbbell in your right hand and keep it on your thigh.
3. Raises the right leg up and keep it there for several seconds then return to the initial position.
Repeat this exercise 20 times for each leg.

1. Stay straight with dumbbells in your hands and bend forward.
2. Put your right leg in front so as to form a 90 degree angle.
3. Throughout the exercise, maintain your trunk straight.
4. Do the same with your left leg.
Repeat this exercise 20 times on each leg.

1. This exercise is particularly effective for your buttocks muscles.
2. Lye on your back with your legs bend and your soles on the ground. Your hands lying on your body and your palms on the ground, your neck relaxed then you’re your butt to from a straight line with your back.
3. Tense your butt and keep in this position for a few seconds than repeat.

1. Stand on your left side with your left arm bend to support the head.
2. The right hand is held in front for more balance, and the legs are slightly folded.
3. Lift your right leg bended keeping your soles close. Repeat this movement 15-20 times in multiple sets. Change the side and repeat the exercise.
4. If you want to increase the difficulty level, keep the legs bent and raised from the ground while you do this movement.

Image Credits: Popsugar

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