6 beauty tips for your daily dose of pretty

1. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is known as “the healthiest oil on earth” and is famous for its amazing benefits. Coconut oil makes many wonders, but it especially helps prevent wrinkles and other skin problems that occur with age.

2. Rinse your face and hair with cold water

I know that hot showers relaxes you, especially during winter, but is good to know that hot water eliminates the essential oils from hair and skin. To keep your hair healthy, remove it with warm water. The face must be washed with cold water.

3. Use concealer after foundation

I know it’s opposite to what you have learned so far, but if you apply foundation first you might no longer need to apply a correction, especially if you use a dense foundation.

4. Use powder

This is a step that I, frankly, avoid. But from now on I will respect it religiously. The powder will not only prevent the shine which appears especially in the T zone, but it helps fix your makeup, which means it will last longer.

5. Clean the electronics you make contact with

Make a cleansing ritual once a week in which to include the phone “cleansing” and other electronic you make contact with. Wipe them well with antibacterial wipes or alcohol. While you’re in the “cleaning” process, don’t forget to wash your brushes from time to time.

6. Sleep on your back to prevent aging

The most comfortable sleeping position is facing on one side, but is the most ill-advised. When your face is whacked by the pillow, wrinkles are formed surprisingly easy, so you have to try sleeping on the back. If this is difficult, surround yourself with pillows so you can be sure you will not sleep twisted.

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