5 ways to change your hair color without dye

Tired of your hair color and want to give it a new life, perhaps a few reflexes or simply want to adjust it by 2-3 shades? We advise not rushing to the supermarket in search of expensive hair dyes, but to consider natural alternatives.
Obviously, the range of colors that can be obtained at home is much more limited. Instead, the results will be more natural and the hair will not react negatively to this treatment.

Blonde shade

To lighten your hair with one or two shades, after shampooing apply an emulsion prepared from the juice of half a lemon and a cup of lukewarm water. Let it act for about 10 minutes, then rinse.
This preparation should not be used if the hair is dry.
After shampooing and rinsing, wash you hair with a lukewarm cup of chamomile and dry it after. If you have dry hair, it’s better to mix chamomile with conditioner and let it act for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.
In any case, chamomile infusion shouldn’t be used too often because it tends to dry the hair.

How to darken with 1-2 hair shades

After shampooing, pour a cup of walnut tea or sage infusion on the hair and let it act for about 10 minutes. Rinse and apply conditioner.

The shade of red

Mix henna powder with water until you get a creamy paste. Apply it using your spatula and cover it in plastic wrap.
After 30-60 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, then apply a conditioner or a regenerating and nutritious mask. Rinse well.

How to get gold effects

Prepare an egg yolk and a little water emulsion and apply it for about 10 minutes after shampooing. Rinse several times to eliminate odor.

How to achieve lighting effects

A final rinse with water and white vinegar gives luster to natural hair color but shouldn’t be used too often. Also, rinsing with vinegar is not recommended for curly hair.

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