4 Quick & Effective Ways to Kill Pinworms Naturally without Medication

Pinworms are not dangerous, but they can be incredibly contagious, especially amongst children. If a pinworm infestation has found its way into your home, you will need to start taking steps to eradicate it immediately.

Home remedies for pinworms natural treatment can be adopted to get rid of this infectious disease. Pinworm eggs present on beddings, clothes, toys or other objects can be contagious up to two weeks.

Therefore, cleanliness plays an important role in avoiding pinworms to some extent. Here are 4 quick and effective ways to kill pinworms naturally without medication:

Wormwood Infusion

Wormwood Tea

Wormwood contains a wide range of potent antiseptics such as thujone, santonin, and isothujone. These powerful active ingredients in wormwood will successfully kill the pinworms present in the intestinal tract.

You can make tea out of wormwood to get rid of the unwanted symptoms. Mix a teaspoon of dried wormwood leaves in a glass of hot water. let it steep for several minutes. You can also add a teaspoon of honey if you like. Try to consume wormwood tea at least twice a day after meals for the best results.

Note: No matter how many home remedies for pinworms you use, the most important thing is to remember that a proper hygiene will prevent any possible infestation.


Garlic is one of the best home remedies for pinworms and should be incorporated into every home remedy treatment. Garlic does have a strong odor, but it is highly effective in killing the pinworms.

Powdered garlic does not work so you will need to ensure you have fresh cloves on hand. You can make a homemade enema by mixing the cloves of garlic with warm water.

You can also mix garlic in with foods or make a paste by grinding a few cloves of fresh garlic until smooth and then mix with Vaseline and apply to the buttocks and rectal area to ease itching and kill any worms present.

Coconut to treat pinworms

The coconut is one of the finest remedy in battle with pinworms. It is a very strong type of parasitic agent. Both the coconut as well as coconut oil can be treated as a best herbal medication in the process of treatment against pin worms which causes the intestinal abnormalities.

It is recommended to have crushed coconut in the morning as breakfast. After three hours drink a glass of warm milk with castor oil mixed in it. Repeat this process till you get rid of pinworms.

Warning: Castor oil isn’t good for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and for the children who are below the age of five.

Pumpkin Seeds

Raw Pumpink Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are widely used for treating pinworms due to the ease, availability, and strength in fighting pinworms. Gather raw pumpkin seeds and combine with two cups of water in a pot. Heat this mixture on the stove with low heat for two hours. You can simmer slightly, but do not allow the seeds to boil. After the two hours, remove the pumpkin seeds from the heat for cooling.

Once the seeds and water have cooled, filter the mix and remove any layers of oil. For one hour, take one tablespoonful of the filtered water, every 15 minutes. Wait for two hours and take a laxative. Wait for two more hours and eat a bowl of warm oatmeal. The amount of pumpkin seeds to heat depends on weight. Children between 2 to 3 years old should use about 45 grams of pumpkin seeds, while adults may take up to 300 grams of pumpkin seeds. It is ideal to continue this treatment for three to five days.

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