4 Easy Steps To Make A Baby Stop Crying

We all know how tedious and stressful it is to try to calm a crying baby. You are trying all methods (breastfeeding, diapers, massage, etc.) and nothing seems to work. Well, it seems that a well-known pediatrician has managed to solve this mystery.

Robert Hamilton, a Santa Monica pediatrician with over 30 years of experience in this domain, shows how to calm a crying baby in 4 easy steps.

The method is called The Hold and contains 4 steps:

1. Take the baby’s hands and put them to his chest one over another
2. Put your hand over them so he can’t move them anymore
3. Put the other hand on the baby’s tush
4. Jiggle the baby 45 degrees up and down while you jiggle his tush a bit more

For more details you can watch the video below:

Image Credits: Doctoralways

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