3 Highly Effective Solutions For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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When you experience digestive problems, don’t automatically reach for a pill. Just because these sorts of intestinal symptoms have been labeled IBS doesn’t mean medication is the best or the only answer. In fact, taking pills may cause a need for other ones, because they so often generate side effects.

Common symptoms of IBS include:

– Abdominal cramping or pain
– Diarrhea, constipation or alternating bouts of both
– Bloating
– Gas
– Mucus in the stool

Here are 3 highly effective and natural solutions for irritable bowel syndrome:


Carrot is an helpful tip on how to treat IBS at home. As you might not know about, carrots are well – known for its great level of pectin , an essential substance that is used for combating with IBS symptoms and curing constipation as well as diarrhea. You can perform these following steps.

How to apply:

Prepare some fresh carrots to extract their juice.
Mix the juice with several drops of lemon juice and a little amount of honey.
Consume the mixture a few times daily.


Ginger affords itself huge health benefits, consisting IBS treatment because it helps with gas removal and bloating reduction and subsequently being strongly recommended for treating IBS. In addition, ginger is beneficial for eliminating inflammation in your intestines and allowing the intestinal muscles to relax. That is the reason why this fresh ingredient should not be ignored in the list of top natural home remedies for IBS.

How to apply:

Place on half teaspoon of raw grated ginger in one glass of hot water.
Steep it for around 15 minutes and strain out the ginger.
Mix it with a little amount of honey and enjoy the tea.
Consume the tea up to thrice per day to ease the symptom of abdominal pain.


Thanks to packing with “live cultures”, yogurt becomes one of the most prevalent home remedies for IBS, which is associated with diarrhea. Those cultures are completely friendly bacteria creating protective layer in the intestines and then supporting the lactic acid regulation to eradicate bacterial toxins from the body.

How to apply:

Eat directly yogurt or make smoothie.
Repeat the treatment a few times per day until you can get better improvements.

Credits: Authority Remedies

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