3 Best Exercises to Reduce your Love Handles Fast

Though it can at times seem impossible, with a little hard work you will be able to lose your love handles. The official name of your “love handles” is your obliques, which are a component of your abdominal muscles that run along the sides of your ribcage.

Here are 3 effective exercises to get rid of love handles in no time:

The Hip Shrug

Make sure you stand straight with good posture.
Lift your heel up towards your buttocks.
Follow that movement by shrugging your hip up towards your shoulder.
Repeat the lifts as many times as you feel comfortable with, maybe performing 20 each side if possible.
This exercise will strengthen your legs, while also working on your love handles.

The Matrix Twist

Spread your legs to the length of your shoulders.
Extend your arms into an airplane shape.
Keep your knees springy.
Turn so your left arm aims towards the back of your right knee…and vice versa.
Continue this for 5-10 minutes, taking breaks in-between.

Trunk Twists

Stand straight with your legs slightly spread
Twist your waist to the right while trying to keep your legs and knees stable, moving the left arm in the direction of the twist.
Repeat the same motion for the left twist.

Credits: Joe.ie

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